Use cases

Mutually fulfilling a variety of NFV use cases, provide service providers a testing ground for new concepts and use cases, evaluating use cases and their operational implications with our ecosystem partners


Enterprise connectivity and security services
virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE)

Orchestrating a full service chaining of an end-to-end security service, typical to enterprise customers: firewall, network connectivity and VPN creation

juniper usecase detailed
Metaswitch and Tropo

Virtual Mobile Core (vIMS) and Enterprise Voice Recording

Automatic end-to-end fulfillment of a call recording service triggered by a customer order via a self-service portal. The sizing of the IMS core network is automatically calculated according to the specific order parameters

Metaswitch and tropo usecase detailed
connectem and openstack

Dynamic core network
Evolved packet core (vEPC)

Expand network capacity to meet increasing demand (e.g. from new IOT services). Instantiate required network functions and operate it end-to-end: manage, monitor, dynamically scale and auto-heal

connectem and openstack usecase detailed