Amdocs Open NFV LAB

Service providers often mention lack of standards and interoperability as key inhibitors to NFV adoption. Amdocs established the Open NFV LAB to supportour customers and partners in addressing these challenges

We make the virtual real

This lab is one of the few Network Cloud Labs in the world containing all the systems that make up a real end-to-end service provider environment, including customer self-service and BSS, OSS, NFV Orchestration NFV infrastructure, and a variety of virtual and physical network functions

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Amdocs Open NFV LAB

The Amdocs Open NFV LAB enables Amdocs and its partners to develop best practices and offer service providers rapid NFV rollout and faster time to value

The Amdocs Open NFV LAB endeavors to:
  • Enable partners to test their products as part of an end-to-end service rather than a standalone element
  • Provide service providers a testing ground for newconcepts and use cases
  • Optimize VNF-D practices and create best practices for VNF on-boarding and service modelling to streamline the process and reduce time to market
  • Ensure VNF interoperability with all mainstream infrastructure
  • Provide feedback to infrastructure vendors to improveperformance and functionality
  • Gain from shared knowledge and experience